Cargo Service has been involved in zeppelin transport project nearly from its origin, that is from 1996, when CargoLifter AG Holding was established in Berlin, Germany.


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It's a fact that CargoLifter is facing some problems presently and according to the German commercial law a bankruptcy procedure has been initiated. It has happened due to difficulties to gain the resources of the further financing of the project. There are many reasons of it but in general they are connected with not so good condition of the German economy. Obviously it doesn't mean that technically or technologically the idea of airships has became vitiated. Just opposite. To work on it some of existing CargoLifter shareholders have signed a suitable agreement. The project and the idea "lighter than air" are still alive that's why it's worthy to know it closer.


Conventional means of transporting heavy and oversized equipment is extraordinarily expensive, slow and cargo damage sensitive. Moreover, demands a lot of special permits from authorities over use of required road, rail and waterway systems.

The CargoLifter "flying cranes" will be able to carry heavyloads faster, more simply and more cost efficiently - without ever touching the ground, and almost entirely independent from the local infrastructure. They will also be compatible with existing truck, rail and ship carriers and can be used as a supplement in multimodal transportations.

The non-flammable helium filled airships will have a carrying capacity of 160 tonnes (CL160) and travel at speeds between 80-120 km per hour for more than 10,000 km without stopping. Even over 400 tons of awkward cargoes are also possible to be transported in future by "next generation" Cargolifters.


Up till now, the following steps of project realisation have been done:

  • CargoLifter has built the hangar for constructing and later maintaining the airships in Brand, Germany
    (another one being built right now in North Carolina, USA)
  • Transportation balloon "AirCrane" (CL75 AC), - designed for max. 75 tonnes heavyloads - took its test flights successfully.


CargoLifter - CL75 AC CL75 AC has already been in use in USA while the first prototype of CL160 is planned to take off the ground in nearest future.

CargoLifter Management predict that some 50 airships will be plying the trade routes by the end of this decade. New studies show demand rising to 200-300 such zeppelins ten years after.

So the Consortium intends to establish operation bases on every continent.

A project of these proportions must obviously be a cash-hungry venture. The expected cost of building one CL160 is about USD 60 million, which is roughly half the cost of a Boeing 747. That is why CargoLifter has found its investors among many transport companies and industrial customers round the world. Additionally, since May 2000 - the Company's shares have been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Cargo Service is not only a shareholder,
but also an exclusive agent of CargoLifter AG for Poland.

Following Victor Hugo - "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come"



Szczecin Cold Store (SCS) has been established for handling of frozen cargo. The pre-investment process is far advanced. The cold store will:

  • have storage capacity up to 10.000mt. There is planned its enlargement even up to 20.000mt
  • be located at Duty Free Zone (WOC) in Port of Szczecin
  • guarantee EU service standards
  • offer full service for frozen cargo (including containerized cargo)
  • favourably located for Polish, German, Czech, Slovak markets